We have the expertise to provide your business with the ideal technology solution. Because we have a complete line of comprehensive services, many of our clients do not need to maintain a seperate IT staff. They rely on NSL for solutions and support.


System Development And Integration

NSL specializes in all aspects of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We believe a system is exactly that: not just a software application or a collection of hardware components. NSL develops and integrates systems that are a combination of hardware and software. When NSL is engaged in the development of an application we consider the entire operating platform as it is today and what it may become tomorrow and beyond. Any system we develop, therefore, takes full advantage of the operating environment to the maximum extent possible.

Our expertise therefore spans a wide range, including:

  • Functional and Technical Requirements Development
  • System Design
  • Software System Project Management
  • Web-based, web-aware, and traditional software development
  • DBMS management and maintenance
  • Content management systems (e.g. Sharepoint, Commonspot, MS Project Server)
  • LAN, WAN, Internet, Intranet configuration, maintenance and support
  • Integration of disparate, legacy and COTS systems
  • Maintenance and updates of legacy systems

System Security

Our exposure in this arena ties in with our general system assessments, but also allows us to provide services to ensure a system or series of systems are secure according to the requirements of the client. NSL is experienced in the conduct of security assessments, penetration testing and system test and evaluation (ST&E) activities, as well as Certification and Accreditation (C&A) and security audits.

Independent Validation And Verification

NSL staff are experienced in the IV&V cycle covering the full System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This includes:

  • Audit and Remediation of ab-initio and ongoing IT projects
  • Technical and Management Reviews to assess and confirm requirements, designs, implementations and deployments
  • Comprehensive IV&V from documentation to testing

Technology Assessments

We pride ourselves in that we are not just a software company, or specialize simply in one facet of IT or another. We are accustomed to wearing all the hats, and we will always consider all the relevant components for any solution. This includes software, hardware, policies and architecture.

When we conduct an assessment, we review everything involved as a series of components operating in concert, all of which will have upstream and downstream effects to the flow of information. To that end, our experience in this field includes:

  • Total architecture analysis (hardware/software platforms, processes, staffing)
  • Targeted, system specific assessments (limited to boundaries defined by one or more applications)
  • Strategic technology analysis
  • Platform, system, application and database migration strategies